Every day, enough energy falls on the earth to provide 27 years worth of power for every inhabitant -- harnessing that energy is the challenge. With a Long Island Solar Solutions System, daylight is collected by roof mounted solar panels. 
You use the power your Long Island Solar Solutions System generates and draw power from the power grid when needed (for example, at night). During the day, it's common that you'll generate more power than you need. This excess power is sold back to your utility company via the power grid at the same price you pay. In other words, you've become a power company and the utility is your customer. You pay the "net" of what you buy versus what you sell. This is called "net metering."

Since you're buying far less electricity and you're making money selling the excess power, your utility bill can decline to a tiny fraction of what it once was, and your power utility will have less demand for power so they can burn less polluting fossil fuels. 


100 % clean energy: cleaner air and less warming greenhouse gases 
Lower electric bills: protection from rising energy prices 
Increased home value: with an energy-saving home improvement 
One-stop shopping: Long Island Solar Solutions does it all — design, sales and total installation services 
Sharp Solar Systems from the world's largest manufacturer of solar electric equipment


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